200 Word Review: Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Is Pure Entertainment


It’s safe to say every Marvel nerd has been looking forward to Agents of Shield. But at the same time that we’re crazy excited, there’s that small fear that this typically big screen project can’t transfer to television. I’m here to put those fears to rest.

Bottom Line? Agents of Shield is a home run. It’s well paced, action packed, and easily accessibly for any audience, nerd or not. What really impressed me was how well the team behind Agents of Shield was able to bridge the gap between the two-hour, single plotline Marvel movies to a multi-arc, serial television show. The show doesn’t feel like a big budget blockbuster awkwardly blubbering around on a small screen. Instead, it captures the essence of the films while firmly establishing its character as an FBI-esque spy procedural. Perhaps the biggest contributor to its grounded feel is that the characters (especially everyone’s favorite Agent Phil Coulson) are easily identifiable, but also layered and ripe for further development throughout the series.

Furthermore, the show doesn’t just revolve around the “agents” of S.H.I.E.L.D – we really do get to see superheroes with supernatural abilities and scientifically manufactured enhancements. That being said, the writers found the perfect balance between realistic spy militarism and futuristic science fiction. The brilliantly mixed blend, along with a great musical score and an unexpected amount of laugh out loud moments, makes Agents of Shield genuinely entertaining television that is perfect for watching with friends, family, and other nerds.




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