21 Thoughts You Have When You Get Fired

Life is unpredictable but sometimes is so fucking unpredictable…

Three months ago I reached a new job (which was quite unpredictable too… attending how is the job market in Spain…). I was looking for a new one so, I accepted it.
Three months later, I‘ve been fired from that job.
When I was at the employment office I found that all the people there had a similar expression on the face. And I went back to the last days and I thought that most of us have had similar experiences lately. So, as I had an unpredictable amount of time to spend waiting for my turn at that office, I started to list some thoughts in common that probably all of us have had in the last days.

The list of thoughts you have when you get fired

  1. What I’m supposed to do now?
  2. This is my opportunity to do what I’ve always dreamed to do.
  3. I’ll start to write a blog. [sic]
  4. Now I will have more time for me.
  5. I am going to focus on what is really important, I am going to prioritize. Putting things in order is going to help me to take it easy.
  6. How many time can I spend looking for the job of my dreams?
  7. Maybe I need a B Plan… just in case…
  8. I can start my own business.
  9. I am better than all the other people here around me.
  10. Sure they have something I don’t have… I’m worst than them…
  11. What the hell I am supposed to do now??
  12. I will get through this… How? I still don’t know. But Iwill.
  13. Well, Elvira, focus. Do what you have to do at theemployment office and go back home to think things quietly.
  14. All the people here seem sad.
  15. All the workers here seem ungry.
  16. I’m going to reach the summit of my proffesional life.
  17. One hour later, I’m still waiting for my turn (at the employment office)…
  18. I have to stop thinking about my future.
  19. I would study english, photography,… spend time cooking,reading,…
  20. Stop.
  21. I have a crisis. I need to find a solution.

Assuming you have a crisis. Then, acting

Exactly, I realized I have a crisis. So, as @StijnPieters taught me, for a business crisis there are three steps (related to communication) and, like my crisis is on the field of professional, I thought these three steps could apply to me.

  1. We know (about the crisis). 
  2. We do (what we are doing to solving it).
  3. We care (we are aware all the consecuences this situation has).

I have already done the first one. I am doing right now the second and I will try to do my best with the third step. 

I’ll keep writing…




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