5 Effective Tactics For Those Struggling To Get Traffic From Twitter

There are many social media platforms which help you share your personal and professional work with your friends and targeted audiences. And one of them is Twitter where you can write your opinions about what’s going on around you. For professional bloggers,Twitter does wonders in getting more people to read your posts.  

Many of you must have tried a lot of techniques to market your blog on Twitter, but none of them worked out and you hardly got a 20% increase in traffic to your blog. Don’t worry, you can now use Twitter to help get that traffic to your blog, and we’ll tell you how.  

But before we get into the details, you need to first install your blog with a good hosting service so that your website loads faster. If you ask us, we would definitely recommend you to go for cloud hosting. Know what is cloud hosting and this knowledge will help you choose the right host for your website.  

All set with your hosting? Next, follow these few simple and effective tactics to get more from Twitter: 

1.Tweet Images:  People are fond of visual stuff and Twitter allows you to tweet image-based tweets. Post attractive images rather than catchy text. Also, if you can manage both at the same time, you will get sure shot success.  

2. Post Interesting Content:  The content you share should be informative,good quality and interesting to your readers. If your reader finds your content worth sharing, you will have a wider reach. But if they find your content is too boring to share, they will never visit you again. Therefore, it’s very important that you create compelling and impactful content. Also place the tweet button where it is easily accessible or you will miss out on the shares.  

3. Write Attention Grabbing Headlines: Decorate your content with attractive headlines. Your headline should be one which makes the readers read the content till the last line. If you want to learn how to write a good headline then graba copy of daily newspaper and learn the art of writing headlines.  

4. Suggest Content To Your Readers: Users love content that is helpful. When you publish a long lasting content, no doubt you will get a steady flow of Twitter traffic for a long time. You can also list your good quality content by creating resource pages and giving its link in the sidebar of your blog. 

5. Encourage People To Share Your Content: Ask your readers who love your content to share it amongst their list of followers. Many bloggers have encouraged their readers to tweet more often by placing some lines which are catchy in the article, catchy enough to be quoted in a tweet.   So, these are a few tips for people who are struggling to increase traffic flow from Twitter to your blog. Use them and let us know your experience.




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