Ballot Measure Filed to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Mo.

A coalition of medical marijuana supporters are a step closer to bringing the issue to ballot here in Missouri.

“New Approach Missouri” filed initiative petitions to allow state-licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients with debilitating illnesses.

"We’re a coalition of patients, healthcare professionals, veterans, law enforcement, that have all come together and decided now is the time that patients working with their doctors ought to have this as a medical option," said Jack Cardetti, spokesman for “New Approach Missouri."

"It’s been passed in 23 other states. We’ve looked at some of the things that’s worked really well in those other states, and we’ve tried to incorporate those into our proposed law here in Missouri."

Iraq War Vet and Missouri-native Sarah Runge has been diagnosed with several pain-inflicting illnesses, which lead her to seek medicinal marijuana relief in Oregon.

"My time in Oregon was magical, but it’s time to bring that magic back to Missouri," Runge said. "Patients, veterans, citizens of Missouri, we deserve that option. We deserve that freedom to choose the medicine that we want."

Nearly 160,000 valid signatures from Missouri voters are needed in order for the petitions to reach the ballot.



St. Louis, Mo.



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