Buy The Playstation Vita, Before It's Too Late


Since early 2012, Sony's PlayStation Vita has revolutionized mobile gaming, or at least, should have. The console sold well below expectations, but holds a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans.

One killer feature of the PlayStation Vita, or Vita for short, was the beautiful HD screen it carries. The 5-inch OLED screen is the best looking picture I've seen on any mobile device. The unique screen made the device a must-have for gamers, but many complained about the price.

The price of the system started off at $299.99, the same price as the PS3. Since then, Sony has lowered the price to a much more reasonable $199.99, but the price of the console itself isn't the reason why it's so expensive. The memory cards (which are required, as the Vita doesn't have any native storage capacity) are extremely expensive. If you wanted a 32 GB memory card, you will be paying $79.99. That's almost half the price of the console itself.

Since the console is struggling, Sony addressed the issues people are having with the Vita by producing a newer model, the PlayStation Vita Slim.

The slim model is obviously thinner, has a better battery life, and has 1 GB of storage built into the console. While you'll still want to get a memory card, the 1 GB means you'll be able to update your Vita, and update and save your games without initially buying anything else other than the console, a previously impossible feat with the older model. These new features come with a price, however.

Sony will be replacing the 5-inch OLED screen with a 5-inch LED screen.

The difference is huge. Since the slim model is already out in other countries, it is possible to compare the older model's screen with the new one. The new screen doesn't look bad, but it doesn't impress you as the older model's screen did. It's quite a shame, as early adapters are going to be the only ones to see the glory that is the OLED screen.

If you are in the market to buy a Vita, buy one now. Sony says they don't plan to stop producing the older, OLED model, but it's better to be save than sorry. the differences are not substantial enough to justify the uglier screen.




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