Environmental Groups Rally for Climate Change Legislation

ST. LOUIS – Environmental groups are urging Missouri lawmakers to take action on climate change.

The Missouri Clean Energy Coalition gathered to deliver over 2,000 petitions to Governor Nixon addressing climate change legislation. Andy Knott, a representative of the coalition, says Missouri has already made some progress.

“We’re already well on our way there because we have Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard,” Knott said. “We have Missouri’s Energy Efficiency Investment Act.”

However, Knott said there are still challenges to overcome.

“The biggest obstacle here in Missouri right now is Attorney General Koster signaled his intention to sue the EPA over the Clean Power Plan,” Knott said.

Webster University’s “Students for Sustainability” President Valerie Martin said such legislative measures pave way for a more hopeful future.

“I’m optimistic, and I know that several of my peers are also optimistic,” Martin said. “Some of them are pessimistic too, but I’ve seen a lot more hope especially with the Clean Power Plan that’s come out.”

St. Louis was one of more than 100 cities and communities around the country rallying in conjunction with the People’s Climate Movement’s National Day of Action.





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