Everyone Hates Our Idea


No one is going to like your idea at first. Again, it’s all got to do with change.

New ideas, good and bad, mean change. And people are hardwired to fear change. It’s what kept our species alive for so long.

And then on top of that, there are the haters. They need something to do to fill the time in between watching Gilligan’s Island reruns and taking trips to the liquor store. And hating your idea fulfills that need, sadly.

That being said, just because people aren’t hating it, doesn’t mean your idea is a good one, either.

Like I said in Ignore Everybody, good ideas have lonely childhoods. It’s only after they’ve had a little time to grow up some and be able to beat up the haters (or at least prove them wrong) that they come into their own.

Just something to keep in mind...



Ignore Everybody http://gapingvoid.com
Everyone Hates Our Idea http://gapingvoid.com


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