Fashion February 2015


Middle school was the time when Massie Block was every twelve year old girl's fashion inspiration. But, here we are, a time when a fictional book character's sassy and chic In and Out list is outdated. So, I took the next step and decided to write one for the month of February so everyone can wear clothes that are IN and not OUT.

In: Mini dresses
Out: Maxi dresses

In: Leather jackets
Out: Pea Coats

In: Hats (I'm just as shocked)
Out: Bandanas

In: Pantsuits
Out: Pantsuits
Depends on the person

In: V Neck Tee shirts-solid colored!
Out: Graphic tees

In: Sperry boots
Out: UGG boots

In: Neon
Out: Brown and other fall colors

In: Leopard patterns
Out: Zebra patterns

Now that you know, you're ready for the month of love!

I don't own the photo above but this outfit exemplifies one ready for February 2015




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