He Got Next Wyatt Sikora – Full Of Potential

The upside for Florida Christian's forward Wyatt Sikora has enticed the interest of colleges throughout the country.
Sikora, 16, is going to be a young senior with major room for growth and the potential to become a dominant forward. He currently stands 6-foot-10, but at his current weight of 210 pounds he has had trouble outmuscling other big men in the paint.

Still his mid-range jumper and ability to go over the top of both shoulders with an effective left and right hook shot, Sikora can do some major damage both down low and on the outside.
With offers from Stetson, FIU and Georgia Southern and heavy interest from Western Kentucky, Liberty and a slew of others, he'll have plenty of collegiate options to choose from.
"He can make an incredible impact at the college level," Florida Christian head coach Dan Pruessen said. "A year from now, he's going to impact games no matter what. He has a very high ceiling and a lot of room for growth.
One of the things Pruessen is trying to press into Sikora is the realization what kind of player he can be - a player that can truly take over games and make an impact on every possession of the game.
"He needs to understand what he can do. Not a lot of kids get it and realize their actual potential," Pruessen said. "He hasn't realized what he can be but I have 100 percent confidence that he can figure it out. He needs to gain the confidence that he can take over games and he's starting to get there."

Sikora has come a long way since joining Florida Christian as a sophomore, though, and is closer to realizing his true potential. Now he is much more assertive on the court and doesn't back down to a challenge in the paint.

"That's something I definitely used to struggle with," Sikora said of his confidence. "It's something I'm working at every day."
In an odd twist, a separated shoulder that sidelined Sikora midway through his junior season may have helped him gain a confidence boost. Despite missing a large chunk of games, Sikora still averaged 13 points and eight rebounds per game.
"Going through the injury was tough," Sikora recalls. "But the experience helped me slow the game down when I came back and it gave me more confidence once that happened.”
Confidence in his skill and potential isn't the only thing he is trying to build. Now he is focusing on gaining muscle and becoming a more physical player down low.
His brother, Kyle Sikora, played one season under Pruessen at Florida Christian in 2010 before heading off to become a center for Stetson. At 7-foot and 245 pounds, Kyle has always been more of physical force in the paint than Wyatt has ever been. But Kyle never had the kind of outside game Wyatt does, and that has stirred the imaginations of Pruessen and colleges looking at him.
"What makes Wyatt scary is that if he gains the weight Kyle has, he can become the best of both worlds," Pruessen said.

While colleges are in pursuit of attaining his services, Sikora is just trying to find ways to improve his game right now.
"I'm not satisfied with where I am," said Sikora, who says he is still at least a couple months from choosing where he will play next. "The goal is the keep stepping up from where you are."
He hasn't shied away from putting in the work necessary to do so this offseason, hitting the weight room whenever he can. He hasn't missed a single voluntary team workout session this summer, which start at 6:30 a.m., and Pruessen has taken notice.
"He works his tail off more than anyone and is the most mature person on the team," Pruessen said. "He understands the work ethic and intensity needed to achieve his goals and the team's goals. He knows what it takes to succeed."




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