Heart & Soul: Frank Labady, Champagnat Making The Best Of New Situations

Change has become something very familiar for new Hialeah Champagnat Catholic athlete Frank Labady.
Especially now since making the move from Edison to Champagnat for his senior season as he prepares to make the move to the collegiate ranks.
But despite a few slight bumps in adjusting to a new environment, Labady has found a rhythm and is excited to be a Lion.

"The hardest part of the transition was accepting that you're in a new environment," Labady said. "Once you accept where you're at, everything falls into place."
Knowing Champagnat coach Mike Tunsil for years, a relationship dating back to the Labady's pee-wee playing days, has also helped make the switch to a new school much easier for him.
"[Coach Tunsil] is a father figure to me and I can go to him for anything," Labady said. "He's got my back no matter what."
Tunsil is also thrilled with having the 5-foot-8, 160-pound athlete on his roster, and is already looking forward to utilizing his talents this fall.
"He brings leadership and a winning attitude over here," Tunsil said. "He's a little undersized, but what he lacks in size he makes up for with toughness."
Tunsil is hoping that toughness and leadership, along with his knack for making big plays, can help lift the Lions a district championship after finishing as the runner-up the last two seasons.

A move to a new school is not the only thing that Labady has had to face, however. The adaptable athlete needed to make a move to a new position.
While playing running back and defensive back at Edison, the dynamic playmaker will now be called on to play wide receiver for the Lions.
Still, with Labady's ability to adapt and his skill set, the move to slot receiver has been worked out well so far.
"He's got great hands so the transition has been a smooth one," Tunsil said. "Now it's getting the little things to stick, like running routes, getting his hands up."
Labady has also embraced the challenge, knowing that this move only helps him become a better all-around football player.
"I'm like a two-headed monster now," Labady said. "Switching to wide receiver helps make me more of a threat and gives me more options as an offensive weapon."
But make no mistake, Labady doesn't want to just come into the Lions offense to just be a complimentary weapon. He is determined to make his presence known at all times on the field.
"I want to be a field general out there," he said. "I want to be a quarterback from the receiver position, a playmaker."
The Lions shouldn't have a problem getting him involved. With Tunsil knowing how dangerous Labady can be with the ball in his hands, he wants to find ways to do so as often as possible.
"He's a player you want to touch the ball 10, 15 times a game," Tunsil said. "He's a very dynamic player."

Already committed to play for Cincinnati next fall, Labady is focused on becoming the best player and person he can possibly be as he prepares to become a Bearcat.
"I want to knowing that I helped people around me adapt as well and that I accomplished something here, that I did what I needed to do," said Labady, who has his mind set on helping Champagnat win its first state football championship.
He also wants to send a message that sometimes size doesn't really matter that much.
"Sometimes little guys come with a big package, and I want to show people what I can do," Labady said.




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