How To Add Stories To Your Jurnid Portfolio And Blog Channel

Publishing your works to showcase your area(s) of expertise as a writer/storyteller, is easy to do on Jurnid. Start by clicking on the "Write A Story" button in the footer (Find it at the bottom of this page).  If you are a photo journalist/photographer, you can post your slideshows by clicking the "Photo Essay" button in the footer of this page as well.

Your published stories and blogs will appear on your profile overview for brands and potential employers to see. This will help businesses make an informed decision,  before ordering content from you, by first exploring the quality of your work. We encourage you to post works that match the specialties and subject expertise you listed on your profile preferences during sign up.

Stories will also appear on your blog's story feed at or click on profile image in the header (top) of this page to see all the stories you have published and manage your drafts and more.

If you have questions, please leave a comment below and mention me @andrewquarrie. 

Thank you for being a part of Jurnid!




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