I Talk To Strangers In Australia


Today, we just arrived in Sydney Australia.  It was an amazing feeling to get off the plane and to realize that I am literally on the other side of the world.

The time difference in killing me. I am 14 hours ahead of east coast time and when I traveled I left on a Tuesday and arrived on a Thursday… What happened to Wednesday?!

The Australians are very friendly. There is a true sense of class and respect when I talk with them. Even with as many questions I am asking people, I have yet to receive a negative response. The city is very clean as well.

We arrived here and the weather was horrible. Cold, dark, and damp modestly describes the weather as Stephanie and I trek across the city in search for the prized Sydney Opera House shot.

We finally found the Opera House and a sense of accomplishment overcame me. We walked around and took pictures and I met a STRANGER named Chris who was also taking pictures. He was surprised to see two young Americans all the way in Australia.

As a kid I always dreamed of being here. Sydney Australia always seemed so far out of reach and I always assumed that it would take a great job with long vacation hours to ever reach here. But something I learned on the flight over was that sometimes it is the things we think are important that keep us from ever achieve our lifelong goals.

I would proudly state that getting rid of the things I thought was important was the most important decision I ever made in my life.

Let’s just say it allowed me to TALK TO STRANGERS in front of the Sydney Opera House.




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