If The Moon Had A Beach

When one thinks of Greece, most often than not, they think of Athens and Greek mythology or Santorini and Mykonos with cobalt blue roofs, winding streets, and amazing sunsets.  But one of the hidden gems of the Greek islands is Milos.  It is a horse shaped island that isn’t visited by tourists but visited by people with an insider’s knowledge of the uniqueness the island holds for its visitors.  Pristine beaches and topaz colored water adequately describes many of the beaches that can be found on the island but one of the unique beaches on the island is Sarakiniko.  The first time I stepped foot on the beach, I felt as if I was transported to the moon. Before then, I never really thought about the moon having a beach and I have certainty never visited the moon before but I felt as if I had landed on a lunar beach.  Many people reach the beach in a rented vehicle, there are plenty of all-terrain vehicles and scooters parked in the lot but there is also a local bus that will take you there.  As you walk down to the beach, on your right the white rocks look like soldiers guarding their queen, the Persian blue water.  On your left, stark white craters are littered all over the beach and the towering rocks are used as shade.  There are even children playing hide and seek while their parents relax, half enjoying their vacation while still keeping an eye on their children.  As I was walking around, I noticed different parts of the beach.  One side has cliffs, at various heights, with people jumping off them.  The brave decide to take on the highest cliffs while loved ones are recording their bold jumps and somersaults into the water.  The less adventurous take safety in the caves that not only offer shade but have a stillness about them and encompass what a true vacation looks and feels like, tranquility.On the bus ride to my next destination, appreciating what I had an opportunity to experience, I had an internal tug-of-war.  Do I share such beauty with other people so they may have a chance to experience true paradise or do I keep this slice of heaven to myself? I chose the former, there was no way, in my mind, that I could not share the pictures I captured while visiting Sarakiniko Beach.  The beauty of what I saw could not be contained or confined to my mind.  I only hope its pristine beauty is preserved so that other people will be able to enjoy paradise for years to come. 


Milos, Greece



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