Incapable Of Poverty

When our summer intern applied for the (paid:) job, he told us that he needed to be clear that he didn't want a sales job. Despite this being potentially a bad omen, we hired him anyway. That was, after a long lecture about how essential it is to be able to sell.
Many people are disdainful of selling, sales and anything that touches it - as if its dirty. Truth is, that probably the most important skill anyone in business can have is to be able to sell. Everyone thinks of the stereotypical used car/sleazy sales guy. But selling is about empathy, it is about understanding other people and most usefully, it is about how you can present your proposition in a compelling and winning way. Create a movement that people want to join.
With these skills, your idea has a better chance of being adopted, you have a better chance of being promoted and you certainly have a greater chance of keeping a roof over your head.
Call it selling, or whatever you want. But, it is about connecting with other people in a way that matters to them.




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