It's hard to believe, JFK would have turned 96 today. 
He's probably the last US President who is still considered to have been a great, iconic leader of men. His assassination saved him from having to deal with the toxic mess that was Vietnam and the social unrest of the late sixties. Who knows if history would regard him differently had he lead through those times as well?
Nevertheless, JFK did lead with great strength during a turbulent time. He managed the real or imagined threat of communism and was a master at gathering people around causes. While Eisenhower pushed for the morphing of NACA into NASA, Kennedy will be remembered for setting our sights on the moon. One can only speculate if the US will ever recapture that ubiquitous spirit of determination?
This quote struck us as one that applies to business, politics... and all leadership. Our ideas can inform and inspire long after we are gone.
This is a great motivational piece for a conference room.



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