Lotus Flower Prayers


At My Refuge House, we believe in prayer.

Years ago, when a small group of people were burdened, halted by compassion for girls they had never met, trapped around the world, they prayed. They prayed and struggled and prayed. And out of that struggle, out of those prayers, My Refuge House was born.

And all along the way, prayers have continued. And all along the way, prayers have been answered. Simple and Miraculous, God has proven to us, over and over again, that this is his House and these are his girls.

He has answered our prayers for finances. When I was overseeing our first building project, after only 1/3 of the building had been completed, I was laying awake at night rehearsing the speech I would give to our construction workers when we told them we had to halt construction because of lack of funds. Miraculously, the remainder of the funds came in, literally overnight, and we opened our home... two weeks ahead of schedule!

Two separate times, girls rescued from sexual exploitation and slavery by law enforcement were brought to our home for care and rehabilitation as a direct result of their own prayers. One of the girls prayed the night before for rescue. The other girl prayed the week before she was rescued. God heard them, and, along with many others, brought them to us.

As a demonstration of our belief in prayer, and a way to encourage and unite some of our partners and our girls, we decided to host a sunset prayer ceremony at the beach, complete with lotus flower floating lanterns covered in written prayers. Prayers written by the attendees of our Annual California Banquet, and prayers written by the girls and staff at our home. Prayers joined together, for one common goal, and offered to God in, what one of our girls described as "the most amazing moment of her life."




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