Member Spotlight: Vow To Launches In Miami


VowTo, a holistic wellness company that seeks to empower women through a 12-week life transformation program, launched last month in Miami and is now available to women across the country. Co-founders Pablo and Fernanda Bressan come to the table with five years of experience in the health and wellness e-commerce industry and now have set out to create business that goes beyond selling products to women and really focuses on a more balanced vision of wellness.

“As women we tend to not put ourselves first because it feels like a selfish thing,” says Co-founder Fernanda Bressan. However, at VowTo they are adamant about the fact that putting yourself first is not only essential, but also a selfless act.

The centerpiece of VowTo is the EnRitualize Foundation program. It is a holistic mind, body, and heart experience that incorporates learning, gifts, and community. The heart of the program consists of weekly lessons, each of which explores different intentions or vows, hence the name. Members also receive a beautifully designed gift box each month with a total of 12 gifts that complement that week’s lesson and directly relate to each vow.

When members join, they also receive a bracelet that allows them to identify other members within the VowTo community. Members can share and discuss their experiences both through the virtual and actual world by using the VowTo app, attending local meetups, and participating in accountability circles.

“It’s all about creating small daily habits that become long term practices,” says Pablo. 

For this Member Spotlight, The LAB Miami spoke with the co-founders about VowTo’s journey, the challenges they faced, and how being at the LAB facilitated their development.

Whenever you’re a trailblazer in anything, it’s always scary and challenging, but when you look back it’s very rewarding. I really see it as a movement; empowering and inspiring women is so natural. Personally, I think that in the past women have tended to be very competitive and there is room for us to really lift each other up. If I’m in a good place and feel good about myself (mind, body, and heart), then I’m in a place to make other people feel that way. 

Being able to clearly express something when you are new in the space has been one of VowTo’s biggest challenges. We’re unique in the space. There are people who do subscription boxes, which we are not. There are people that do online learning and there are people that do social networks, but we’re these three different components all put together. Being able to express who we are to people who aren’t living and breathing and seeing what we see, has been the biggest challenge.

Whenever you’re an entrepreneur it’s easy to feel like you’re in a vacuum and you’re working by yourself. There are challenges when you’re running a business or starting something. There are so many different things to think about, there’s the growth, the finances, and being in a collaborative space is key. In the tough times, you often hit that brick wall and you feel like you want to give up. In order to keep going and get over that wall, it is important to be in a community and have support. Talking to others who may be in a different industry, but are experiencing some of the same things, is very helpful. 

For Pablo and Fernanda, being at The LAB Miami was, “all about clarity and connection.” The LAB facilitated the connections that helped them concretize many of their ideas. They met Darkmatter Collective, a creative agency, on their quest for graphic design interns and it evolved into an instrumental collaboration in forging their identity and finding their voice. They also met Infinixsoft, who provided guidance, clarity, and helped build their app that is so central to their business-user experience today. 

As Pablo stated, “To us, it’s not an office space. We see it as a true cross-collaborative shared space. A place where relationships are created, ideas developed and great things birthed. You never know what each day holds and who you will meet and exchange meaningful conversations and ideas with. The energy and creativity exchange that happens each day is truly magical.”




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