October Proclaimed “Farms to School” Month in Missouri

October is officially “Farm to School” month in Missouri.

Missouri Director of Agriculture Richard Fordyce presented the governor-signed proclamation at the Halls Ferry Elementary School student garden. Fordyce said a lot of people don’t understand where their food comes from.

“We’ve missed a period of time in doing really a good job of educating folks about modern food production,” Fordyce said. “Where does food come from?”

Second-grade teacher Sara Fitzpatrick said student gardening offers more than just education about food production.

“I had students that were even struggling with personal things in their lives like divorce. The garden became a therapeutic place for them,” Fitzpatrick said. “A kid might have been crying an hour before then all of the sudden the garden brought them back to life. It has a very calming affect on kids, especially when children these days are going through so many things that you don’t even know that they’re going through.”

Halls Ferry Elementary is currently the first and only school in the Ferguson-Florissant School District with student gardens, but district officials said they hope to see the efforts expand.



Halls Ferry Elementary Florissant, Mo.



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