Phoenix Tile House

Phoenix Tile House is able to use these relationships with our great team of tile Phoenix professionals to get great deals on the tile and then we pass that savings directly on to you. We will make sure that you receive the best prices possible and get everything that you are expecting! We have relationship with the best tile providers in Arizona, to give you the best product in the market!

See how much your custom tile project cost with a fast quote.We will stay in touch after the job is finished to have the time to thoroughly look over the tile in order to make sure that you are happy. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! If you are stuck on ideas, seek new designs and refresh your idea with our tiling and flooring blog.

Phoenix Tile House
9811 N Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85205(602) 497-0110 or get directions here.

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Phoenix Tile House
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