Piercings. It's the never ending controversy that usually entitles a disapproving mother, an impressed boyfriend, and jealous best friends. Similar to the whole tattoo debate. However, piercings are something that never fully go out of style. Ears are a given that most girls, and some males (hot hot hot) get pierced but it's the body piercing that is always a hit but occasionally a miss.

Navel: You can never go wrong with a cute belly button ring. The variety of jewelry rings for this are varied, and the beauty of them never grows dim. Plus, if you work hard to get that bikini body, it'll look even sexier.

Eyebrow: This piercing is one that's a hit or miss. The rings are attractive on most, but some people just make it look creepy. If you're considering getting it done, ask at least three people who may not be your friends for an honest opinion.

Nose: HOT HOT HOT! Rings and studs are not only classy while alluring, but they give a definite proportion to the face. The big issue at hand is that most jobs and businesses don't like facial piercings so tread carefully. The "bull ring" piercing is never appealing, however.

Tongue: While considered the most painful piercing, the bravery as while as surprise most get when they see you talk makes this piercing ah-mazing.

Lip: No. There is never an exception for getting your lip (or chin or cheek) pierced. Imagine kissing! Stride with great careness if you consider getting this done.

Hip Bones: Generally attractive but also painful. It's a neutral opinion on the stylishness of this but careful with hygiene as well as snagging.





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