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When Audience Go through 101 minutes To watch Project Almanac Online They find out that Project Almanac movie is a classic story to show how some friends get to travel time in order to do everything just right.

Story Of Project Almanac Movie starts when nerd high Schooler's mom is bound to start selling their home because of her son's dream to get into highly prestigious MIT science program as he was not given scholarship to get in there. While selling out the house David and his younger sister started finding some important materials in the basement when they found out a video camera packed in their deceased father's things. David, his sister and some friends started examining the old footage that was of David's seventh birthday. But they found something Unimaginable in the footage they saw David somewhat 18 year old in the footage. How was it possible for David to even get in there?

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following this event they started exploring more into David's basement, they found out that David's father was a great inventor who build up the first time machine named as Project Almanac and now David and his friends start rebuilding the time machine. But David and his friends in hope of getting fame and wealth build the time machine but they didn't knew even changing a single thing in the past would bring out huge bad consequences in to this world.





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