Rockefeller Foundation Recognizes St. Louis in ‘100 Resilient Cities’ Initiative


The Rockefeller Foundation wants to help St. Louis become more resilient.

St. Louis was selected from more than 700 applicants to be one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s “100 Resilient Cities.” The initiative’s Vice President of Relationships Bryna Lipper said the foundation will provide financial support for the city to hire a chief resilience officer (CRO).

“We will also provide technical assistance for six to nine months during that time when the CRO will develop a resilient strategy,” Lipper said. “We will provide access to a platform of tools and services within the span of our grant, which will be at least three to five years.”

Mayor Francis Slay says he hopes this initiative will contribute to efforts being made to transform the tragedy of Ferguson into something positive.

“A lot of it has to do with racial disparities and racial inequities,” Mayor Slay said. “We in the city of St. Louis know too well that the racial and economic disparities will impact our ability to succeed as a region.”

The city is already accepting applications to fill the chief resilience officer position and hope to make a selection in coming months.



St. Louis, Mo.



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