Senator Blunt Visits First All-girls Charter School in Missouri

The Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls could be leading the way for future charter schools in Missouri.

As the first all-girls public school in the state launches it’s inaugural school year, Senator Roy Blunt is keeping watch.

“We need lots of alternatives. And I’ve been arguing with the Veteran’s Administration that competition and choice are a good thing. It’s also probably a good thing for public schools to have options in the public system.”

Senator Blunt says he also hopes to see the institution grow with students beyond middle school.

“We don’t have high schools yet in St. Louis that are charter schools. So this is one school that’s on the trajectory already.”

The Hawthorn School is sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis and offers a special curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).



Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls St. Louis, Mo.



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