Seventy Eight Animals Rescued From Inhumane Conditions

The Humane Society of Missouri in St. Louis is working to treat a care for forty-eight rescued animals that arrived Monday, Aug. 31, 2015. A total of 78 animals were rescued from a rural property in Warren County.

Animal Cruelty Task Force Investigator Carmen Skelly said the animals were found “without water or no clean water. They were finding them without food, limited nourishment. Found them forced to live in horrendous conditions—living in their own filth and their own urine, needing medical attention. So the Warren County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the Humane Society of Missouri and the Animal Cruelty Task Force.”

Forty-eight of the domestic animals arrived at the Humane Society of Missouri here in St. Louis, which include 16 dogs, 8 cats, 23 rabbits and a Cockatoo. The remaining 30 (24 chickens, three ducks, two mini LaMancha goats and one potbellied pig) were taken to the Humane Society’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Donations of Kongs and other durable dog and cat toys, bed sheets, blankets and towels to help care for these rescued animals may be brought to the Humane Society of Missouri’s Macklind Ave. Adoption Center, 1201 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63110.

More photos available on the KTRS website.




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