Splish – Splash Through The Swamps

Think of Miami and you think of electronic music and colorful drinks in glasses big enough for a giant. Think of Florida and you think of blue beaches and skies with the sunny side up. The other face of Miami is surprisingly underrated; one of patchy skies, swampy land, and dancing reeds.

The Apoxee Wilderness Trail in West Palm Beach gives you a glimpse into that side. You can choose to walk the four-mile long Apoxee trail or bike down the twelve-mile long Owhakee trail. The land is an undisturbed swamp and the trail is often flooded. We visited on one such day when the sky was dotted with clouds and the weather was on our side. If like me, you were the kind of child who never bypassed a puddle, then this trail is for you.

It's a perfect walk on a summer day

Wade through knee-deep waters as this diverse trail leads you to a boardwalk that is one of the quietest spots I have been to in Florida. Watch the cloudy waters dotted with pink flowers, hold your breath as dragonflies balance themselves on swaying reeds, try and stay still as a Limpkin approaches its prey stealthily.

Stand on the boardwalk and watch the going-on in the waters.

Walk on to the Owhakee trail where there ground is covered in Cypress needles and the air resounds with the croak of frogs. I kept my eyes glued to the canal that runs beside the trail and spotted a gator at home in the quiet green waters. Emerge out of the trail and settle down to watch a glorious sunset over the swamps.

Sunset is easily the best time of the day in the swamps.


Apoxee Wilderness Trail, West Palm Beach



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