Take It Easy In Hollywood

Free parking in downtown, an enviable beach, and the vibrant Young Circle Park; we got very lucky when we made an almost blind move to Hollywood. From hippies to daily wage workers to content retirees, we all like the pace of life in Hollywood. Downtown Hollywood has plenty of eating and drinking options. For a quiet evening I visit the Old Hollywood Beerhouse. With its pebble-strewn outdoor space and picnic benches lit by candlelight, the Beerhouse is a great way to begin or end a weekend. There are a number of good beer options, all just $4 a pint. This is a cash-only establishment. The bartenders though are far from friendly, so be prepared for service without a smile! Despite the not-so-friendly bartenders I frequent this spot, because the vibe is relaxed and it is a place where you can hold a nice conversation without feeling like need to scream in order to get your voice across the table.The tree-lined downtown is quaint and lined with quirky fashion stores. The Cinema Paradiso plays Art House films. Harrison Street houses art galleries and a popular cigar shop. Walk to the end of the road and arrive at the Young Circle Park. Flanked by gigantic African Baobab trees,Young Circle Park has a live music show every other Saturday. Depending on the level of luxury you like, bring a blanket or a chair and listen to music under the stars.

Come alone, or with a friend; the Old Hollywood Beerhouse is the perfect spot for conversations or ruminations.

A walk through downtown Hollywood will take you through colorful storefronts, intriguing art galleries, and inviting restaurants. End your day with a movie at Cinema Paradiso.

The Majestic Baobab Tree will hold you in awe as you walk through the Young Circle Park. Also known as the tree of life, the Baobab Tree is known to live up to a 1000 years.

I bumped into music at the park, but the Young Circle Park hosts live music shows second Saturday of every month.




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