The Best Way To Change The World

Can your business turn into the next Starbucks, Twitter, Charity:water or Amazon? The odds are against it, but they were also against Schultz, Dorsey 
Harrison and Bezos too, so there's no reason not to believe you can't.
These days, remarkably simple businesses can make a billion and/or affect millions of people,...Instagram, anyone? What is the difference between those guys who do change the world and everyone who just 'dies trying'?
You decide. But one thing is for sure; it's about focus, simplicity of the idea and commitment to the execution. 
If your business is too complicated your people and customers will be confused. Change that first. Bring clarity and a simple outcome to your business and you will be steps closer to changing the world.
I love this image as a reminder to us all that laser focus and commitment to a simple idea can change the world.



Gaping Void


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