The Path Towards A Healthy And Prosperous Life ㅡ Yoga


The Path towards a Healthy and Prosperous Life ㅡ Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline that has been a part of the Indian civilization over the past 3000 years. Ever since, it has been gaining widespread popularity around the globe because of its numerous health benefits.

As per etymology, the word “Yoga” was derived from a Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to join”. It’s a process that focuses on the connectivity of body and mind so as to instill the true bliss of inner well-being.

Different categories of Yoga

There are various categories of Yoga. For those who want to sweat it out by having a vigorous aerobic sort of workout session, Ashtanga and Power Yoga might serve the purpose perfectly, as they incorporate a lot of stretching.

Bikram Yoga has its own specific stipulations such as a raised room temperature (37°C) and posturing yourself to 26 different body poses.The very purpose behind performing vigorous poses in a high temperature is to release the toxins from the body.

On the other hand, Iyengar Yoga is a more subtle and relaxed form of yoga. It incorporates doing similar postures as that of Ashtanga yoga, although you hold on to the position for longer so that you focus on the body posture and alignment.

Yoga has always been associated with spirituality. By performing Jivamukti Yoga, one can harness the positive vibrations from the environment by the means of meditation, spiritual reading and chanting.

Another mind-altering yoga technique is Kundalini Yoga. It’s a technique that helps enhance the physical, spiritual and mental discipline. The aim is to awaken the energy coil, Kundalini, which is at the base of your spinal cord. By awakening the energy coil, an individual becomes more aware of their own creative spiritual being.

(The Chakras of Human Body)

In order to be self-aware and control the power of the soul, Ananda Yoga plays a major role.

Regardless of what type of yoga you perceive is the best for you, they all point towards one thing, i.e. your body and mind depend on each others’ well-being. So you should focus on maintaining your physical as well as mental well-being to lead a healthy, long and happy life.If you are interested in Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training in Goa or anywhere else in India, you might as well search the internet for the various Yoga schools and institutes that can help you inculcate the art of true Yoga within your life..

The basic focus was never on losing weight or gaining muscle mass, instead the main focus of Yoga was on the process of cleansing the neurotoxins, maintaining your adequate body posture, cleansing your breathing technique and enhancing your diet. If done wholeheartedly, it can surely do wonders!

As per the current scenario, the world is prone to numerous diseases, and the human body is weakening day by day because of numerous reasons. Yoga is an effective way to deal with all these ailments. By meditating, people have been able to overcome their depressive state of mind and uplift themselves, turning into better human beings altogether. Meanwhile, as per online studies, the smokers who incorporated yoga and meditation in their lives have started to drift away from their regular smoking cravings. Therefore, yoga is a technique that is always beneficial for the well-being of a human.

Mentioned below are three most common human health ailments that can be taken care of by doing Yoga wholeheartedly.

Bone, Joint, Muscle Pain

Joint pain is something that is inevitable for most of the elderly people. Doing Surya Namaskara or Tadasana helps ease the joint and muscular pain. It helps the muscles relax, thereby allowing them to revive their strength.


Deep breathing techniques in Yoga help cure serious ailments such as Asthma. With help of deep breathing, one becomes capable of pushing the lungs to absorb more oxygen.


The brain needs an adequate supply of oxygen for a healthy functionality. Shirshasana is a great way to propel the oxygen supply to the brain.




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