The Story Of A Real Hero


This is a story that is hard to believe. It is something I tell people all the time about the Children's Cancer Caring Center. It's easy to say and after all these years of saying it, it's just the norm for me. But what I'm speaking of, probably the most unique aspect of the CCCC, is unbelievable if you really think about it. The CCCC is completely a volunteer charity. That means NO administrative costs are paid. We have no employees and don't even pay a phone bill. Our chief volunteer is Lee Klein , Chairman and CEO. So that means that Lee Klein is not paid and has never been paid any money for her work with the CCCC. Ponder this for a few moments... Lee has run the CCCC for 48 years now, she works 60+ hours every week and in reality runs the charity with very little help. At any one time the CCCC provides free cancer care, emotional support and logistical support for 150 children with cancer. These children almost always come from families with barely enough money to pay the rent every week and put food on the table, let alone pay for  cancer care. The CCCC is their last hope when they don't have insurance and are turned away from other hospitals and clinics. For each family during this fight for life, Lee is everything. And by everything I mean she guides them through the process, calms their fears, motivates them to fight each day and takes a huge burden off their shoulders by paying all of their medical bills. You read right.. the families don't even see a bill! What if a family needs a car repair so that the child can make it to treatment that week? Yup, Lee takes care of that. Well she may not physically fix the car but she makes sure it's paid for! The list is truly endless.

Some would say Lee is an Angel, a Miracle. I would say she's exactly that and no less. And if you ask the thousands of children who's lives she has saved, some who are now in their 50s, they will all say those exact words. Lee is their Angel on Earth. She is the reason they are here. 

For more details on the CCCC please watch our video...

Children's Cancer Caring Center from Kyle Hall on Vimeo.


Miami, FL


Jeff Berardelli, Board of Directors CCCC


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