Twelve Labs Launches Share Watch 2.0

Twelve Labs LLC has hit the ground running with the launch of ShareWatch 2.0 on Saturday after being unveiled at Venture Hive in Miami a few weeks ago. Using an unprecedented data fetching method, ShareWatch provides efficient live share market movements and a range of portfolio management tools. Led by serial entrepreneur and marketing connoisseur, Yemani Mason, Twelve Labs is aimed at disrupting the app industry but not as you know it. Contrastingly to many developers, Twelve Labs has a specific goal in mind - to change the way you receive and absorb live information, already demonstrated in the companies first product release.


Investors, entrepreneurs and mentors have already had a hands on demo of ShareWatch

at an event at startup incubator, Venture Hive, however Twelve Labs has promised that ShareWatch is just the beginning. Other apps were hinted in the demo including LifeFeed, a social news based app. Even more unique than the companies mission, Twelve Labs has a genuinely unique team which is a success story in itself.


Twelve Labs Co-Founder and CTO, Matt Jones is another entrepreneur who has already demonstrated his ability through the success of his first startup, AppBox Developments Pty Ltd which is a firm for early development consultations and is based from the mid-north coast of Australia.


Jones and Mason began their international partnership in early 2014 with plans to change the way the world interacts with live information. As two young entrepreneurs with proven successes, the duo believe that Twelve Labs will reinvent the way we interpret information.


Jones, already having been heavily involved in software development stated recently that “the technology sector is ripe for a disruption in the way information is provided, when and where society wants it.”


Twelve Labs has been getting considerable attention over the last few weeks after presenting at the 1Million Cups event in Miami and being present at the Affiliate Summit East in New York last weekend.

With plans for early growth, Twelve Labs will be furthering its already active involvement in the startup community.



888 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 505 Miami, FL 33132


Twelve Labs


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